🦋Bluesky Statistics v0.63🦋 - [23rd March 2023/21 Nov 2023]

When I first started tracking Bluesky's statistics, I intended to stop once I reached 100,000.
However, along the way, I met Pedro, and together we formed an excellent partnership, which led to what we have today at VQV. We began as a hobby because we believed in and were excited about this new platform.
Unfortunately, that excitement has faded, and it's not worth discussing why.

Pedro and I are now involved in other projects that provide greater financial return and satisfaction, and this is one of the reasons why we are distancing ourselves from VQV.
Add to this the limitation imposed by Bluesky on accessing Atproto, which hinders our original concept and the credibility it gained through real, unfiltered numbers.

We are stopping now, but who knows—perhaps when Bluesky emerges from its Beta phase with a robust API, we may return with the ideas that currently are not feasible due to the restrictions imposed by Bluesky's team.
For example, what used to take 30 minutes now takes 8 hours, and the API has not evolved to accommodate Bluesky's growth.
We have realized that despite the potential to overcome these obstacles, it is not prudent to continue investing money in servers and, more importantly, our time in a project with no prospects for monetization.
We were aware of this from the beginning, but we were driven by our enthusiasm. We were eager to promote this new platform and are confident that we made some contributions to its growth process.

Today, Bluesky has amassed over two million users. The platform has matured, so to speak. It can now stand on its own feet. That is why we have decided to conclude our project. We are not saddened by this decision because we depart with a sense of achievement and having made great friends.
However, it no longer makes sense to invest money and time in a project that no longer brings us the same joy and satisfaction as it did at the outset.

All I can say now is that Pedro and I deeply thank you for all your support and for spreading the word about VQV.
We wish Bluesky, especially @Jay.bsky.team, every success.
Once again “Thank you to everyone who followed our journey.”

Pedro Borracha @m3ta.uk
Eddie Silva @vqv.app